Why Radio is Better


Many prospective customers as us why they should consider mesh radio for their alarm communications given the alternatives of phone lines, cellular and internet. It’s really pretty simple and comes down to AES mesh radio being Better, Faster and Cheaper! Consider this:

Better – For better reliability, AES-IntelliNet Mesh Radio:

  • Has multiple possible paths for the signal to get through
  • Has confirmed alarm delivery required
  • Does not experience the occasional network outages so common with cellular and internet.

Faster – For faster alarm delivery, AES-IntelliNet Mesh Radio delivers within 1-3 seconds typically vs. :

  • Telephone lines which can take up to 45 seconds to dial, connect and delivery.
  • Cellular services which can take 5-30+ seconds and much longer during peak traffic times or events.
  • Internet which can take just a few seconds but as a ‘best effort’ service, can occasionally take much longer.

Cheaper – For the lowest total cost of ownership