Losses from a fire can be devastating to your family or business.

  • A fire doubles in size and intensity every 30 seconds
  • Internet transmission speed takes 4-6 seconds
  • Telephone lines and cellular can take up to 45+ seconds to send alarm to the monitoring station

Making alarm communications faster,
AES-IntelliNet patented technology provides the quickest response time possible delivering critical event alarm signals in just 1-3 seconds.

  • When seconds count and lives depend on it, AES saves time transmitting alarm signals and getting notification to first responders
  • AES 7788 Smart Subscribers are NFPA compliant and UL listed, ideal for commercial fire alarm systems with advanced wireless fire alarm monitoring and highest long-term stability
  • The new AES 7795 AES-IntelliPro Fire™ Series full data module (7794) with 7762 hardware supervisory module and 7740 annunciator for local trouble identification is UL 864 listed for primary standalone alarm communication from fire subscriber, ideal drop-in full function replacement for phone lines with full alarm signal data and flexible installation options for new systems or retrofit of existing systems

AES is the clear choice for life safety and security
Click here to view the AES Multiple Path Validation Reference guide.

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