Burglary alarm communications need to be reliable, but alternative technologies are often hampered by technology obsolescence and line cuts

  • More and more people are abandoning traditional phone lines in favor of VoIP and/or mobile phone service that isn’t set up to communicate with alarm systems
  • Internet telephony is not reliable enough for life safety applications
  • Cellular-based services charge recurring monthly fees, ongoing technology sunsets and change-outs are costly and inconvenient as well as cause occasional outages and signal delays

AES solutions eliminate these challenges and enable alarm dealers to provide highly
reliable services:

  • AES-IntelliNet® was designed specifically for alarm communications
  • AES-IntelliNet® provides the quickest response time available with the fastest transmission speed available in the alarm and security industry, delivering critical event signal in just 1-3 seconds compared to internet and telephone/cellular which can take up to 45 seconds
  • AES-IntelliNet® private networks are completely owner operated and controlled without reliance on public infrastructure
  • AES-IntelliNet® mesh radio technology will never sunset or be affected by changing cellular standards and does not require repeated costly upgrades

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