Technology Overview

The clear choice for the protection of every U.S. embassy worldwide, AES Corporation engineers and manufactures rugged security equipment for specialized applications in remote areas.

AES-Security Products are designed for the protection of embassy staff and assets who face increasing threats in vulnerable areas that have minimal local support and resources.

Facility Security: AES provides annunciator panels, door controls, and other key security equipment ideal for high security areas. This equipment is widely used in embassies and consulates, serving the specials needs of the diplomatic corps. AES equipment operates on any type of power system, in any climate, anywhere in the world.

Rugged Power Supplies: AES offers a wide range of power supplies for door controls, CCTV/video gear, and other types of alarm equipment. All supplies are ready to use out of the box.  For places with lack of infrastructure and without power, AES offers a solar solution.

Home Security: AES alarm kits are well known to government agencies and other organizations with global operations. The “kits” are available for a wide range of applications. Each system comprises a complete alarm system, ready to operate in major cities and remote locations around the globe. Each kit includes a rugged 110/220V power input that is protected from the ravages of power grids often found in developing areas.

AES-IntelliNet Long Range Mesh Radio: To overcome the lack of reliable telephone lines in remote regions, AES engineers developed a revolutionary data radio system to link remote alarm panels to a central monitoring station. AES-IntelliNet requires no dedicated repeaters or towers.  Every remote subscriber unit is both a transceiver and a repeater. The mesh radio system creates an adaptive wireless data network with the capability to expand coverage over thousands of square miles.