Security Power Supplies


Proven in the World’s
Most Challenging Environments

AES power supplies are used for:

  • Alarm Systems
  • Access/Door Control
  • Video
  • Emergency Notification and other Security and Safety Systems.

AES supplies are widely used in U.S. facilities around the globe. They are built to withstand extremes of heat, cold, high and low humidity, over-voltages, under-voltages, and varying frequency in the local AC mains. In the words of a customer who has used AES power supplies for almost 20 years, “…where other systems have failed, the AES units keep working”.

All AES power supplies feature 110/220 V, 50~60 Hz input, combined with surge protection to survive whatever the local power problems arise.

726-24DC/3A (Door Controls)

The AES 726 Power Supply is a proven performer, used around the world in all types of environments.


726-24AC/10A (Video Cameras)

The 726-24AC/10A includes 8 individual, switched outputs with separate barrier blocks, fused at 1.1 amps each.


726-24AC/18A (Video Cameras)

The 726-24AC/18A includes 4 individual, switched outputs with separate barrier blocks, fused at 4.5 amps each.


727-24DC/10A (Door Controls)

The AES 727 is as a 24VDC high current power source for door controls, alarms, emergency and control systems.


741/742 High Current Power Supplies

AES life safety and security power supplies are used in commercial, federal, and military applications across the globe.


770/771 24VAC 20A (Video)

The rugged 770 serves as a high current power source for video cameras, monitors and other security equipment.


780 24VDC 15A (Door Controls)

The AES 780 serves as a space-saving, high current powerhouse for door controls and other 24VDC security and control systems.


727-RB Relay Card (Door Controls)

727-RB pre-wired circuit board saves time! Use these relay cards with the AES 780 24VDC 15A Power Supply for a flexible, space-saving control solution.


Accessories for Power Supplies

AES provides batteries, relay cards, rails, and more.


Power Supply Comparison Chart

View comparison chart to see features of DC Power Supplies for Door Controls and Security, AC Power Supplies for CCTV, and Super Duty Power Supplies for AES Alarm Panels.