950-6 Mini Door Control Console

  • Compact, Desktop Design
  • Controls 6 Doors
  • Controls 2 Locks for Each Door

950-6The 950-6 Mini Door Control Console is a cost-effective and space-efficient solution for smaller facilities. It is a great alternative for installations that do not require the comprehensive solution system provided by the AES 900 Rack system.

This desktop console monitors and controls six (6) doors. Each door includes two (2) locks: an emergency lock; and an access lock. Both locks must be released for the door to open. Indicators on the console display the status of the emergency lock, and the door position (open/closed) as sensed by a magnetic contact or other sensor at the door.


Toggle Switch Operation:

  • Down “SECURE” Position – Latches emergency lock
  • Up “ACCESS” Position – Releases emergency lock

Puch Button Operation:

  • Push – Releases access strike lock


Status Indicators:

  • Amber “LOCK” Lamp – Indicates emergency lock is not activated, confirming that door can be opened
  • Red “DOOR” Lamp – Indicates that door is open

Audible Indicators:

An audible warning sounds whenever a door is opened. This feature can be activated or deactivated on a door by door basis.


Size: 11″W x 8.5″D x 3.25″H (28 x 21.5 x 8.3 cm) (approx)

Voltage: 24VDC; use AES 726, 727 or 780 Power Supply and Relay Controls, and Battery Backup

Indicators, LED’s:

  • 6 – Lock Status,
  • 6 – Door Status
  • 1 – Power


  • 6 – Toggles, Access/Secure Emergency Locks
  • 6 – Push Button, Strike Locks

Audible Annunciator: Buzzer / Door Open. May be deactivated using 6 position DIP switch

Connectors: Barrier Block,

Case:Slope Front, Desktop Style; Steel, Hardwood End Caps