910 Emergency Lockup Module

910The 910 Emergency Module provides a complete system lock down at the flip of a switch. It is used in the AES 900 Door Control System, using the 900 or 905 Door Control Rack.

The 910 Module can be used in conjunction with any number of doors connected to 940 or 945 control modules. In an emergency, the operator can lock all doors – even overriding an UNLOCK condition caused by input from a fire control. The operator can then open the doors one at a time, or all at once as the situation dictates.

Rack Location: Must be located in first (left-most) position.

Lock Down Module Operation:

  • Switch in Down Position – Normal Operation; in the event of a fire, the external fire control system will unlock all doors
  • Switch in Up Position – Emergency Lock Down; all doors are locked regardless of any other inputs; overrides fire control

To Open Doors During Emergency Lockup (910 switch in UP position):

  • To Open Individual Door(s): On each 940 and/or 945 module, lift guard and move toggle switch into UP position
  • To Cancel Emergency Lockup: Restore switch on 910 to DOWN (normal) position
  • Fire Doors with 946 Status Display Panel (at door): use key switch at door to release lock