905 3-Door Control Rack

  • Saves space
  • Uses same modules as 900 rack systems
  • Ideal for smaller, remote or secondary control points

905-1-smThe AES 905 “Rack” is the 3-door alternative to the the larger 8- door 900 standard rack. It houses the control modules and provides a common buss for power and signal. The modules slide easily into the 900’s slots, and connect to the buss via simple block connectors.

The AES 900 System is used in public facilities, embassies, prisons and anywhere access is controlled by manned guard stations. It is easily integrated with CCTV, Intrusion and Fire Alarm Systems.

The “building block” design makes the AES 900 system very simple to specify and install, and equally easy to upgrade. The modules plug into uniform cabinets with a common buss structure to build the system that meets your exact needs.


Size: 11″W x5.75″H x 11″D (48.25 x 13.3 x 25.5 cm) approx

Power: 24VDC; use AES 726, 727 or 780 Power Supply and 727-RB Relay Controls, and Battery Backup

Connectors: Barrier Block


  • 1 – Emergency LockUp Module
  • 3 – Door Control / Monitor Modules