Annunciator Accessories

Remote Kit for Zone Connector Block*

AES # 6511 – For installing the #6510 connector block remote from the 6500-25 annunciator. The kit includes:

1 – five (5) foot, 50-conductor extension cable with mating connectors,

1 set – DIN rail clips, hardware,

1 – DIN rail mount for 19″ rack.

(Note: the #6510 block is included with each 6500-25 annunciator).

DIN Rail Mounting Bar, AES # 6519 — A 19″ length of DIN rail that spans and mounts in a standard 19″ rack space. Useful for mounting the 6510 connector block when installed remotely from the 6500 panel.

Dot Matrix Printer for AES 6500 Annunciator,

AES #6525-80, Dot matrix, 80 column, serial interface, 110V, also order #13-6500-PTR cable

Null Printer Cable – Connects AES 6500 Annunciator to the AES 6525-80 Printer,

AES #13-6500-PTR, with RJ-45 and DB-9 connectors

Zone Connector Block (part # 6510) is included with the 6500-24, mounted directly on the back. The # 6510 block is available separately for repairs, or for retrofit of AES 6300-24 annunciators.