1710-EZ Wireless Alarm Kit

The 1710-EZ Kit is easy to install and operate!

The EZ kit is based on the tried and true 1700 design, with the added advantage of wireless capability. The 1710 alarm panel includes a 2 zone receiver, providing wireless coverage for the duress and intrusion functions.

The system is ideal for apartments where only the front and back doors require protection, assuming that the windows are not accessible to intruders. The system includes 2 wireless door (or window) transmitters, plus a wireless duress transmitter. Extra transmitters and sensors can be added.

Key Features:

  • 4 Wired Zones
  • 2 Wireless Zones (overlaid), Intrusion and Duress
  • 110/220V – 50/60Hz Power Input
  • Steel Case

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The AES 1710-EZ Alarm Kit includes the following:

Quantity Part # Description
1 #1710 4-Zone Wired / 2-Zone Wireless Alarm Panel
provides 4 hardwire zones with 2 wireless zones (overlaid) for duress and intrusion. Up to a total of 30 sensors may be used on the 2 wireless zones.
1 #DXT-21 Duress Transmitters
activates the duress channel, sounding the siren whenever the button is pressed.
1 #DXT-31 Door/Window Transmitters
wireless transmitters includes a built in door/window contact sensor. May also be used with external sensors. Links the sensor to the alarm panel without wires – fast and easy to install.
8 #0024 Wired Magnetic Contact Switches
heavy duty sensor for doors and windows, hardwires to the control panel or transmitter.
2 #1209 Wired Panic Switches
simple but important protection for every alarm system, hardwires to the control panel (for wireless panic, see #5115).
1 #FF-135 Heat Sensor
detects heat in excess of 135 degrees F, a back up (not a substitute) for smoke alarms.
1 #8052 250 Ft Roll of Wire,
24-2 for sensors
1 #8053 50 Ft Roll of Wire,
20-2 for sirens
1 #0818 Indoor/Outdoor Speaker for Siren
1 #8124 Backup Battery , 12V, 4.5AH,
provides power in event of a power failure (NOTE: Due to Pouch shipping restrictions, some kits DO NOT INCLUDE this battery. Contact AES for details)
Mounting Hardware,
for sensors and accessories
for installation and operation

Wireless Accessories for 1710-EZ Alarm Kit

  • PIR Motion Sensor Transmitter, #DXT-54, for 1710-EZ, covers a range of up to 40 feet (13 meters), and includes a wireless transmitter for quick installation. A powerful, easy to install detector.
  • Panic Transmitter, #DXT-2, for 1710-EZ alarm, 1 is included with the kit – add more if needed.
  • Mini Panic Transmitter, #DXT-41, for 1710-EZ alarm, small key fob device is convenient to carry in pocket or purse.
    Door/Window Transmitter, #DXT-31, for 1710-EZ, 2 are included with the kit – add more if needed.

Accessories for all 1700 Series Alarms:

  • Keypad, #1723MB, arms or disarms the system using a 12 digit keypad. Up to 4 keypads can be used with each 1700 or 1710 alarm panel. Includes back box.
  • Strobe Beacon, #0350B-WM, provides bright flashing annunciation whenever the siren sounds. Includes mount, red lens, and #1204 relay interface for 1700 or 1710 alarm panels.
  • PIR Motion Sensor, Hardwired, #5520, for 1700 or 1710-EZ, covers a range of up to 40 feet (13 meters).
  • Indoor Speaker, #0818, provides additional annunciation inside the home, also provides a backup for the outdoor speaker horn provided in the kit.
  • Heavy Duty Power Supply, #720-14, for 1700 or 1710-EZ alarm panels, provides rugged protection against power problems such as brownouts, surges and over-voltages . Operates on 90-260V, 44-400 Hz … and everything in between.
  • Panic Switch, Hardwired, #1209
  • Door/Window Magnetic Contact Sensor, Hardwired, #0024,  8 are included with the kit, add more as needed.
  • AES-IntelliNet Long Range Radio Transceiverclick here for more information,
  • Relay Interface, #1204, activates secondary device whenever siren sounds, Form C relay, SPDT, contacts rating 3A