Receiver Accessories

Note: many of the following items are included with the central station kits.

  • 7100 Computer / Controller – Rack mounted PC loaded with AES Net7K software
  • 7100-F Message Forwarding Software, enables data to be automatically sent from the central station to a remote subscriber.
  • 7230 Lightning Surge Suppressor, a key part for any outdoor antenna.
  • 7235 Bandpass Cavity, heavy duty filter locks onto center frequency while blocking unwanted signals. Adds range and reliability to any transceiver.
  • 7244 Coax Cable Crimp Tool for Central Station RF cabling. Using the right cables, connectors and tools is critical to a good installation.
  • 7041 Programmer for Subscriber Units, handheld terminal used for onsite programming of RF subscriber units.
  • 7042-HD SWR/Watt Meter

3545 Step-Down Transformer, 220V to 110V

Telephone Receiver

  • 3015 Telephone Dial-Up Receiver, with 2 line interface and printer.