7003 Pro Series Radio Receiver

7003SYSThe Smart System “Hub” for the AES-IntelliNet Radio CAMS / Central Alarm Monitoring System – the industry standard in wireless alarm transmission. The 7003 is the do-it-all workhorse for the unique AES 2-way, supervised, multi-path radio network. No phone lines needed. No towers needed. No dedicated repeaters needed. Only the patented AES architecture can provides such a high standard.

Quick spec’s: The 7003 system is available in single and dual configurations. A typical system includes the 7003 receiver(s), computer/controller, Net7K Network Manager Software, 7030B transceiver(s), high gain antenna(s), handheld programmer and related equipment for a complete installation.

AES 7100 Network Controller: Runs the AES Net7K software, providing a toolbox for system programming and troubleshooting.

Alarm Automation Output: The AES 7003 receiver output data to a separate “alarm automation” system, which is not included with the AES receiver. Alarm automation, sometimes referred to as “dispatcher software”, is available for other providers. Please contact us for details.

  • Training is required. AES offer factory training at no cost to customers. Sessions are offered several times each year at the AES HQ facility in Peabody, Massachusetts. Click here for training information.
  • Please Specify 220V or 110V.