7705i UL Internet/IP Receiver

AES-MultiNet Internet/IP Alarm Monitoring System


  • Full dual receiver for fire and high security applications.
  • Multiple paths are built in thanks to the unique AES-IntelliNet multi-routing structure meets UL and NFPA requirements for alarm transmission.
  • No phone lines needed. No towers needed. No dedicated repeaters needed. Only the patented AES architecture can provides such a high standard.
  • Replaces telephone lines, removing the cost of dedicated lines and eliminating the line cut problem.
  • Full 2-way, supervised operation.
  • Narrowband Compliant.
  • IP Link Receivers can be located anywhere and linked to the 7705i Receiver via LAN or internet.

The AES-IntelliNet 7700/UL Series 2-Way Data Wireless Network for Central Alarm Reporting is:

  • NFPA 72 Compliant
  • UL Listed, Central Station, Remote Station, UL 864 Chapter 9, 827, 1610, 365, and 681.

Training is strongly recommended. Training is offered several times each year at the AES HQ facility in Peabody, Massachusetts. Learn more about training.

The 7705i/7005i AES-MultiNet Internet Monitoring Receiver System monitors alarm signals from one or more AES-IntelliNet wireless radio networks. Within each network, AES Subscriber Transceivers are linked by radio to IP Links that anchor the network. The IP Links, however remote, are connected to the the central receiver via the Internet.


Several configurations are available to suit your requirements, including:

  • AES 7705i – UL Listed version
  • AES 7005i D – Standard version, dual redundant version
  • AES 7005i S – Standard version, single configuration version

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