Alarm Communications

Alarm Communications Systems

7058AES-IntelliNet is the Smart Long Range Wireless Network for Alarm Transmission.

AES-IntelliNet is a direct wireless link between an alarm panel and a central station. AES networks are independently operated by commercial alarm monitoring centers, municipalities, corporate/industrial campuses, and government agencies.

AES-IntelliNet‘s reliable, adaptive design provides many benefits. It was originally designed to protect Americans living overseas in the less developed regions, where local infrastructure could not support traditional methods of alarm reporting.

AES-IntelliNet was created to link all alarm panels to a central monitoring station …

  • Without Telephone Lines
  • Without Dedicated Repeater Sites
  • In Harsh Environments.

The result was the most successful private radio system available. AES-IntelliNet systems are used around the world, and the number of installations grows hourly.

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