Accessories for Power Supplies


726-HDB Heavy Duty Battery Pack for 726 Power Supplies.

24VDC, 7AH, Lead Acid Battery Pack, pre-wired and wrapped, for use in AES 726 Power Supply. Fits inside AES 726 case.

727-HDB Heavy Duty Battery Pack for 727, 780 Power Supplies (shown)

24VDC, 12AH, Lead Acid Battery Pack, pre-wired and wrapped with circuit breaker, for use with AES 727 (1 pack) and AES 780 (2 packs) Power Supplies. Fits inside AES 727 case; locates externally for AES 780.

AES 727-HDB Battery Pack

AES 727-HDB Battery Pack


727-RB Relay Card, Pre-wired circuit board saves time! Use these relay cards with the AES 780 24VDC 15A Power Supply. Includes four (4) DPDT relays, with 24VDC coil. Each relay location includes PTC fuse protection and LED status indicators.


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DIN RAIL FOR 19″ RACK, #6519,

Pre-cut length of DIN rail, pre-drilled for a 19″ rack. Accepts:

  • 727-RB Relay Cards,
  • 6510 Connector Blocks for 6500 Annunciators,
  • 771 Connector Block for 770 Power Supplies,
  • and other DIN mountable devices.