780 24VDC 15A (Door Controls)

  • Rugged Rack Mount
  • Conserves Space
  • Rugged, Efficient Switching Regulated Supply
  • Large, Easy-to-Read Panel Meters


The AES 780 serves as a space-saving, high current powerhouse for door controls and other 24VDC security and control systems. The rack mount case provides easy access and saves precious installation space. The front panel provides meters and indicators for at-a-glance status reporting, plus easy access to circuit breakers. The supply is fully ventilated top and bottom, and combined with the efficient switcher supply for cool performance even under heavy load.


Input: 115 / 230 V., 50 / 60 Hz., auto-ranging

Output: 26.5 VDC, 15 A

Size: 5.25″ High x 19″ Wide x 10″ Deep

Indicators: Lights for Input; Output

Meters: Output – Amperes; Volts

Input Protection: Circuit Breaker (access from front)

Output Protection: Fuse (access from front)

Terminals: Rear of Case, Barrier Block Strip;

Power Supply: Switching Regulated Device

Output Relays: Order up to three (3) #727-RB relay cards, totaling 12 relays, may be used with each 780 supply (see below)

Battery Backup: Order two (2) 727-HDB 24VDC 12AH Battery Packs


The AES 727-RB relay cards provide the control mechanism for the AES 900 Door Control and other systems. Click Here to learn more.