7740 Local Annunciator

Significantly Improve and Maintain Network Performance The AES Model 7740 provides local visual and audio annunciation for all troubles that are reported by an AES subscriber’s J4 terminal, satisfying NFPA-72 code without requiring hardwiring of J4 to a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP).

The Local Annunciator significantly improves and maintains network performance because no communication loops can occur between the subscriber and FACP. The annunciator can be powered from a UL 864 FACP or a UL 1481 Power Supply.

  • UL Listed commercial fire alarm applications
  • NFPA Compliant
  • Rocker button on/off switch
  • Legend sheet protected by Lexan® viewing window
  • Durable steel frame mounts into a standard electrical back box
  • Instructions and mounting hardware included

  • Dimensions: 4.13”H x 1.77”W x 1.27”D (10.49cmH x 4.49cmW x 3.22cm)
  • Weight: 0.2 pounds (0.09 kilograms)
  • Power Requirements: 21-30 VDC 65mA
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