7479 IntelliGuard*

The <em>IntelliGuard</em> 7479 Home Arrest Monitoring system includes an AES-<em>IntelliNet</em> 7479 wireless subscriber unit and a 7471 locking bracelet unit. *International only, not available in the US

Around the country and around the world, prison systems are capacity strained and budget limited. They are interested in electronic bracelet technologies that allow low risk offenders to be punished by having to stay in their home during some or all hours of the day. Traditional technologies, with a radio wristband bracelet reporting to a home base unit when an offender leaves the home, leave a lot to be desired. There’s room for failure because the home base units report to the central monitoring station through telephone lines and cellular services that can be easily compromised by taking the phone off the hook or cellular service frequency jamming.

When an AES Alarm Dealer has an AES-IntelliNet mesh radio network already existing in a given coverage area, they are able to serve the judicial systems with a long-range radio system that is not subject to those problems. This provides a new source of recurring revenue for the Alarm Dealer which is often much higher priced since the value is compared to the cost of supporting an offender in jail.

AES IntelliGuard 7479 Monitoring Unit

  • Enrolls automatically in the AES-IntelliNet network
  • Signals presence or absence of wrist unit
  • Supports up to 4 bracelets
  • Battery power back up
  • Tamper protected

IntelliGuard 7471 Bracelet Unit

  • Tamper protected
  • Adjustable band fits any size
  • Long battery life, easily replaceable
  • Adjustable monitoring distance 50-200 ft (15m to 60m)
  • Water resistant

7479 IntelliGuard Monitor Subscriber Unit Monitors 7471 IntelliGuard bracelet s and communicates via AES-IntelliNet’s longrange wireless mesh network to the central station Size 10.4” x 6.8” x 3.38” 26.4cm x 17.2cm x 8.6cm Weight 4lbs/1.8kg Battery Back Up 12 hours IntelliGuard 7471A-900 Bracelet Unit Integrated short-range transmitter communicates with IntelliGuard 7479 subscriber unit Weight 2.6 oz Adjustable Monitoring Range 50-200 ft/15m to 60m
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