RIMI-NABDA Chooses AES-IntelliNet Long Range Alarm Radio Technology for their Alarm Communications Needs

AES Mesh Radio Alarm Communications System Now Protecting Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Peabody, MA – 7 July 2008.  AES Corporation today announced AES-IntelliNet’s contract with RIMI-NABDA, Ltd., who serves their dealer partner, Securiton, a central monitoring station located in Bratislava, the capital city of the Slovak Republic. Established in 2001, RIMI-NABDA is a family owned alarm systems distribution and installation company serving the community of about 500,000 people.

"We had been using a radio system manufactured by a company in Israel who stopped supporting and developing their product," said Alexander Karsay, Managing Director and Owner of RIMI-NABDA. With less than 2 years to change out 900 – 1,000 radio alarm communications systems, Karsay began to shop around for the best option. Karsay was first introduced to AES-IntelliNet’s radio mesh communications system in 2003 when he met AES Major Accounts Manager, Jim Vithanage at a tradeshow. Karsay was immediately intrigued by its reliability so he always had that in the back of his mind. Armed with the criteria set by Securitron, he set out to compare 1and 2-way radio systems including the AES mesh radio system. Only a few companies offered 2-way systems but all their networks were short range and needed more radio transceivers which increased costs significantly. Karsay admits that 1-way systems are a bit cheaper but found that any savings would be eaten up over the long haul by the expense of radio repeaters, radio tower rentals and the high technical support costs of 1 way radio systems. Since he had already been using a 1-way radio system, he also knew they were not capable of the kind of reliability that 2-way radio alarm communications systems offer.

According to Karsay, "For a couple of years, I looked for another 2-way system like the AES-IntelliNet MultiNet to compare it to, but did not find any as good. I collected information about other systems for comparison and found them all lacking. For example, in the few 2 way radio systems out there, none offered the mesh networking factor and I found the cost for the quality of service I needed was too high and the system was too complicated for users."

The AES-IntelliNet’s MultiNet alarm system is a self healing, long range wireless mesh radio communication network and works in conjunction with the Internet to provide companies the ability to monitor alarms in multiple regions from one location, without the recurring monthly communications costs or infrastructure fees typically associated with remote monitoring. This allows the Central Monitoring Stations the ability to provide a more reliable, faster means of communicating alarm signals to central monitoring stations without relying on telephone lines or cellular services that are vulnerable to line cuts, weather conditions or radio jamming.

Jim Vithanage, Major Accounts Manager for AES Corporation, who was instrumental in assisting Karsay in his research, agrees with his decision. "RIMI-NABDA really represents the type of customer that is attracted to our advanced mesh technology. His choice speaks volumes in that after trying and using other radio technologies, he chose the AES-IntelliNet solution for his company’s future requirements over inferior GSM, PSTN or tower based 1-way radio options. It is clear that other security monitoring companies will be following this example to also benefit from the only real mesh radio alarm communications solution, AES-IntelliNet. It really does offer one-of-a-kind reliability and unparalleled overall cost savings."

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