Northeastern Ice Storm Downs Electricity and Cable but not AES-IntelliNet

Peabody, MA, January 2009 – AES Corporation received word today that their AES-IntelliNet long-range mesh radio alarm communications system did not fail during recent ice storms throughout New England, even when electricity was lost for as long as seven days. Frozen tree limbs came down everywhere wreaking havoc on the entire Northeast, including New York, downing power and cable connections, leaving customers in the dark and to seek shelter from friends and relatives until their power could be restored.

For Commercial Instruments & Alarm (CIA) Security Systems of Fishkill, New York, this disaster could have meant loss of life and property for all of the 5,500 accounts that depend on electricity, telephone and cable service for their alarm communications. According to John Lombardi, CIA’s President, "75% of my customers rely on phone communications and 25% rely on cable. Those without AES radios were ex-communicated. Approximately 25% of our accounts went without power and through it all, AES radio accounts survived without any complications."

CIA Security started servicing and supporting alarm communications in May of 1979 as a part-time venture while Mr. Lombardi was working full time in law enforcement. They now install for residential, commercial and government clients providing alarm communications services throughout the Hudson Valley in New York State.

Mr. Lombardi was attracted to the mesh technology because it allowed him to reach customers that were out of range for other technologies. "I like mesh technology. I have always considered it far superior to the UL listed radio that I was using at the time I found out about the AES-IntelliNet long-range radio communications system. It’s a very powerful and reliable system that allowed me to offer radio services in mountainous areas that we were not able to reach using traditional point to point radio. Now that I’ve witnessed the reliability of this system first hand, I plan to expand the network we have and we have already begun our second network. In the future, due to poor telephone communications, we plan to use AES radio as the sole means of alarm communications throughout our company," he said.

The AES-IntelliNet MultiNet alarm communications system is a self healing, long-range wireless mesh radio communication network and works in conjunction with the Internet to provide customers the ability to monitor alarms in multiple regions from one location, without recurring monthly communications costs or infrastructure fees typically associated with remote monitoring. The AES-MultiNet mesh network also offers a more reliable, faster means of communicating alarm signals to central monitoring stations without relying on telephone lines or cellular services that are vulnerable to line cuts, weather conditions, radio jamming, and recurring monthly costs.

Tom Kenty, General Manager at AES Corporation said, "AES-IntelliNet survives one natural disaster after another and continues to be the only proven reliable alarm communications systems to withstand hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes and just about anything that Mother Nature has thrown at it. It just works."