AES Releases 7706-ULF Potter Update


September 28, 2018 (Peabody, Massachusetts) – AES Corporation, the leading manufacturer of long-range wireless private mesh radio alarm communication products and services, today released the 7706-ULF latest Potter software version (PFC6006 V3.14). The update gives alarm dealers and installers the ability to optimize the health of their network and is easy to install simply by using the Potter Update Utility on their laptop.

A great all in one single-box integrated solution, the AES 7706-ULF Integrated Fire Monitoring System was engineered in close collaboration with Potter Electric Signal Co., designed specifically for small to mid-size fire protection applications—bringing together AES patented alarm communications technology and Potter’s proven Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) for life safety. The 7706-ULF supports single delivery and backup alarm reporting capabilities over Radio Mesh, IP and DACT.

The 7706-ULF is UL listed and NFPA code compliant, a compact intelligent FACP, and a turnkey solution. For more information about AES products and services, please Contact Us.

About AES Corporation  

Established in 1974, AES Corporation is the leading manufacturer of code compliant wireless
alarm communication products and solutions serving commercial security markets and government agencies worldwide.  AES patented technology will never sunset compared to obsoleting technologies such as cellular and traditional phone lines.  AES private mesh radio networks are owner operated and controlled, providing superior reliability with the fastest transmission speed available.  Over a half million AES Subscribers are installed worldwide.  AES is the clear choice for life safety and security, protecting people and property for over 40 years.


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