AES Patented Mesh Radio Technology Stands Up Against the Elements during Hurricane Irma


September 21, 2017 (Peabody, Massachusetts) – The historic 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has proven just how crucial disaster preparedness is to keep alarm monitoring networks up and running for fire and life safety situations. The wrath of four major hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria left a path of destruction across southern Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and the Caribbean islands resulting in a combined total of over 200 reported fatalities and economic losses estimated at almost $2 billion (USD).  Recovery and rebuilding efforts in Houston, Miami, and Puerto Rico will be extremely difficult and even more so for the smaller areas affected outside of the U.S.  As power is slowly restored, there are many victims still left in the dark and a lot of areas are still facing a shortage of fuel along with waiting for grocery store chain shelves to be restocked.

Strong winds as high as 175 mph, storm surge levels exceeding 12 ft in some cases, and unprecedented amounts of rainfall in a short period of time caused downed trees, catastrophic property damage, and flooding throughout impacted regions. This devastation highlights the vulnerability of traditional emergency communications that rely on Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) and cellular towers.  When landlines and mobile phones are down due to power outages, AES radio continues to transmit critical alarm signals even in the most challenging conditions such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, super storms, and wild fires.

Commercial Systems Group specializes in commercial life safety and security systems to protect people and facilities, primarily covering the greater Orlando, Florida area.  Chris Inman, Vice President of Operations at CSG said, “After Hurricane Irma, we analyzed our network data and results showed that we lost roughly 20% of customers due to phone lines being out vs. only 1% of our mesh panels. An antenna bent down facing the ground needed to be replaced on one of our remote receivers.  Both mesh radio networks at the Orlando International Airport and CSG location stayed up during and after the storm.”  Visit for information about their systems, services, and featured projects.

AES mesh radio technology provides the most reliable alarm monitoring solution available with the quickest response time possible, delivering critical event signals in just 1-3 seconds compared to the Internet or Telephone and Cellular which can be up to 45 seconds. AES radio signals keep operations running at peak performance with no telephone service, cabling, or generators needed.  AES private network owners and operators have complete control over services end-to-end, without reliance on public service providers.

Gary Reising, Service Supervisor at SimplexGrinnell serving Orlando, FL told us, “The mesh radio system worked flawlessly during the hurricane.”  SimplexGrinnell is part of Tyco (now Johnson Controls), a supplier of fire protection equipment and life safety solutions.  Learn more about how SimplexGrinnell can help protect your business, service and maintain your equipment, and enhance your operations at

Anthony Lantrip, Repair Service Manager at Cintas Corporation in Fort Myers shared, “After taking a direct hit from Hurricane Irma, our network recovery effort took 4 days which shows the high level of damage we experienced here.  Antennas on our backup repeaters all got shredded.  Some issues can’t be planned against such a catastrophic natural disaster, but I think that being able to get a network of our size down to 109 battery/AC faults within 3.5 days says a lot.  To help prevent this from happening again in the future, I have since added a Cradlepoint router and created a Network Disaster Recovery Kit.”  Cintas offers fire protection programs and services including fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, suppression systems, and fire alarm monitoring throughout Fort Myers East areas. Visit for contact and product information.

Network planning, testing subscriber mounting locations, and conducting routinely scheduled preventative maintenance are all key components to building a robust and resilient mesh radio network.  AES offers professional services including review and guidance related to network management issues, Central Station moves and changes, site certification focused on AES-MultiNetReceiver configurations, IP Link and Subscriber replacement, cable runs and terminations, and proper antenna installations.

To learn more about AES technology and solutions, please visit our website at or contact a member of the AES Sales team at (800) 237-6387 or  Our AES Support team is ready to provide technical assistance to customers whose alarm monitoring business was impacted by the severity of the storm, start a live chat session by clicking the Support Online button on our website home page or call us at (866) 237-3693.

There’s still a lot more we can do collectively in the months ahead to help support hurricane victims and ongoing disaster relief efforts.  Please consider giving to a reputable charity organization that speaks to your heart, it’s quick and easy to make a donation online or via a simple text message.  A little goes a long way to help with food, shelter, and medical needs for children, seniors, the disabled, and animals.  Join us in thanking all of the first responders and volunteers who are on the front lines helping people who have been displaced from their homes as the community rallies together and businesses begin the long road to recovery.

About AES Corporation

Established in 1974, AES Corporation is the leading manufacturer of code compliant wireless
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