AES Mesh Radio Networks Perform with Unparalleled Reliability Throughout Hurricane Harvey


September 8, 2017 (Peabody, Massachusetts) – As Texas and Louisiana begins the initial recovery process from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, AES Corporation has started receiving positive feedback from some customer partners in the region. With the help of the AES Support team, a customer located in Galveston, TX was able to forward their Security Administrator (SEA) to a Business Unit (BU) based in Amarillo for Disaster Routing. It’s stories like these of our peers working together for the common good that remind us why we’re in the business we’re in, connecting to protect our most precious assets: people and property.

Hurricane Harvey has caused catastrophic damage with a preliminary estimate of approximately $70.0 billion. Despite Harvey being classified as a Category 4, there is less loss of life reported than from previous hurricanes with 71 fatalities confirmed compared to 233 along the path of Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and 1,833 from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. There was far greater property damage to homes and businesses from Harvey. One of the many issues the area is now faced with is the number of residents without flood insurance. Federal government efforts are underway to figure out how to finance all the funding needed for disaster relief.

With hundreds of roads closed, over 125,000 homes severely damaged, and over 50,000 people displaced, it will be a long road ahead for the residents of South Texas and surrounded areas impacted. In addition to debris removal, one of the biggest challenges Houston is facing is temporary housing while those evacuated rebuild. Many will be unable to return to their homes for months or in some cases even years.

As areas are beginning to dry out, some alarm monitoring businesses have shared success stories about the reliability of AES alarm communications technology for their fire and security networks.

Tim Pietrzak, Corporate Alarm & Detection Manager for Western States Fire Protection is just getting back to work this week. “Our AES network stayed up and running through Hurricane Harvey, performed like a trooper.” Ben Trimpey, RF Systems at WSFP based out of Austin, TX said, “There was lots of rain and wind, but nowhere near the impact that the storm had on Houston. Amazingly enough, the AES network in Houston is still alive and well. Just half underwater.” Western States Fire Protection is a full service fire protection company, learn more at They’ve been an authorized AES Dealer since 2011, their third party central station is Avant Guard Monitoring Centers in Ogden, UT.

The Brazos River at Richmond, TX reached historic flood levels after Harvey. Some residents who just recovered from river flooding 14 months ago are now faced with the process of having to rebuild again. Malcolm Reed, Director of Sales at Southwest Dispatch Center told us, “Everything was good with our AES network.” A steady stream of evacuees from the Houston area have been placed in shelters at Dallas and Fort Worth locations. Southwest Dispatch provides central station monitoring for a full range of contract security service solutions, they’ve also been an AES customer since 2011. Go to to learn more about their progressive wholesale monitoring solutions.

Alert Alarms in Galveston, TX has been an AES customer since 2008. They are a full service security company specializing in burglary and fire protection. Bubba Koehler, Vice President at Alert Alarms shared, “We are fine, but surrounding areas got it really bad. Galveston had a Cloud of Angels over it for sure, we were very lucky but very busy dealing with local issues in and around Galveston due to the storm. We have a customer on the Island of Anguilla in British West Indies (BWI), his internet went out at 1:11am, I looked at the radar on my phone and the eye of Irma was over the top of the island, that was not a good feeling, really crazy year for weather, etc.”

AES reached out to the Houston Independent School District (HISD) to see how they fared during the storm. A customer since 2009, Houston ISD is the largest school district in Texas and the seventh largest in the U.S. serving approximately 215,000 students at 283 campuses and employing approximately 29,000 team members. Anthony Mendizabal, Senior Manager of Facilities Maintenance gave us a thumbs up on their network being up during the storm. Please visit their website to see how you can help students, staff, and their community at

When considering network planning, disaster preparedness is crucial. It’s important to note that AES wireless mesh radio networks have proven time and again to work through hurricanes and wildfires when traditional emergency communication networks have failed. AES security solutions eliminate the need for telephone service, cabling, personnel and generators. Radio signals are not effected by floods or wildfires. A privately owned and operated AES network is both easy to install and easy to manage without reliance on public service providers. It offers complete control of services end-to-end while being infinitely scalable with no more worries about technology obsolescence or costly recurring telecommunication fees.

To learn more about how AES networks are utilized for a number of diverse alarm, control, and critical event monitoring applications, please visit our website at or contact a member of the AES Sales team at (800) 237-6387 or Our AES Support team is ready to offer technical assistance to customers whose alarm monitoring business was affected by the severity of the storm, start a live chat session by clicking the Support Online button on our website home page or call us at (866) 237-3693.

There are many great ways we can all help with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Please join us in thanking all of the first responders, volunteers, and aid workers who are on site giving the region a helping hand and a path forward to healing. As the Southeast braces for Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Katia, let’s support our fellow colleagues in the alarm industry together by donating where we can to help address critical needs.

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