AES-IntelliNet Launches Home Arrest Monitoring System

IntelliGuard reduces costs for Corrections Depts. while offering AES-IntelliNet dealers a new revenue stream

Peabody, MA May 5, 2005 AES-IntelliNet today announced the release of the IntelliGuard 7470 for home arrest monitoring. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with an AES dealer’s existing AES-IntelliNet wireless mesh alarm monitoring network. The IntelliGuard Home Arrest Monitoring System provides advanced technology for judicial and correctional authorities that are increasingly turning towards electronic monitoring in an effort to reduce the costs of incarceration for non-violent offenders or those awaiting hearings.

The AES-IntelliGuard system has been developed as an alternative to traditional incarceration methods for low risk offenders. IntelliGuard provides a constant vigil over subjects who have been court ordered to remain in their home, or limited to work release. While no electronic home arrest system can force an individual to stay at home, this innovative system can monitor the individual to know if and when the individual is at home. Electronic monitoring is ideally suited for the individual who is known to be a low flight risk and to be no threat to the community.

Using the AES IntelliGuard system, the individual enrolled in the home arrest program is continually monitored via radio transmitter connected to the wrist or ankle, which reports the presence or absence of the person in the home. An AES-IntelliNet transceiver sends data from the offender’s wristband transmitter through the dealer-operated AES-IntelliNet wireless radio network to a central location. If the subject, wearing the bracelet unit, leaves the monitoring range, a “signal absent” message is sent to the central monitoring station. If the absence is allowed such as for work purposes and the subject returns to the home within the allowed timeframe, no action is taken. However, if the absence is not allowed, an alert is sent to the central monitoring station and corrections authorities respond to the violation. Furthermore, if any system components are tampered with, an alert is sent to the monitoring company for follow-up.

Law enforcement and corrections officials estimate that since they pay a monitoring service between $5-$25 per day to use an electronic monitoring system, there is a tremendous cost savings to traditional incarceration costs which average between $50-$100 per day. AES-IntelliNet dealers, in turn, gain a new revenue source for their monitoring services and their AES-IntelliNet wireless mesh network.

The new IntelliGuard system is available through a nationwide network of AES-IntelliNet dealers who operate AES-IntelliNet networks for security and fire monitoring in their metropolitan areas.