AES-IntelliNet Introduces Full Data Module for Fire Monitoring

FireTap 7770 is UL Edition 9 Listed and NFPA Compliant

Peabody, MA October 20, 2009 – AES-IntelliNet is pleased to announce the release of its UL 864 Edition 9 compliant versions of the FireTAP serial interface for fire monitoring. While adhering to the Fire industry’s UL and NFPA standards, the FireTAP links a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) with a central monitoring station via AES-IntelliNet wireless mesh networks. The AES 7770 FireTAP can monitor any serial data source and retrieve Point ID data from the FACP. The FireTAP integrates with AES-IntelliNet’s UL Listed and NFPA compliant AES 7744F/7788F fire radios and interfaces via RS232 to the FACP using the printer port.

According to Tom Kenty, General Manager of AES’s IntelliNet division, “In addition to being designed to meet the UL 864 Edition 9 standards, the FireTAP supports a broad line of fire panels. The 7770 was designed in response to an industry need to generate full data from the FACP premises to the emergency monitoring center and is further evidence of AES’s commitment to respond to the requests and needs of its customers.”

Ben Wilson, Vice President of Operations for Safeguard Security Systems in Scottsdale, Arizona had this to say about the new 7770 FireTAP: “I think it’s great! It allows a UL approved installation process while eliminating the need for an expensive DACT. While the AES-IntelliNet 7770 FireTAP and UL AES subscriber unit makes the UL installation less expensive it also reinforces customer account retention. Competitors would need to make a substantial investment in time and materials to handle their signals.”

The AES-IntelliNet’s alarm system is a self healing, long range wireless mesh radio communication network and works in conjunction with the Internet to provide customers the ability to monitor alarms in multiple regions from one location, without recurring monthly communications costs or infrastructure fees typically associated with remote monitoring. The AES-IntelliNet mesh network also offers a more reliable, faster means of communicating alarm signals to central monitoring stations without relying on telephone lines or cellular services that are vulnerable to line cuts, weather conditions, radio jamming, and recurring monthly costs.