AES-IntelliNet Networks Weather Superstorm Sandy

December 10, 2012 (Peabody, Massachusetts) — As the Northeast recovers from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, AES Corporation has been receiving positive feedback from our customers in the New York and New Jersey area.

In an effort to help people and businesses impacted by the severity of the storm, AES put a same day shipping policy in place for all customers ordering equipment from the zone of the hurricane. An anticipated emergency run of antennas, cable, and connectors wasn’t needed after all because installed AES equipment stood the test of time and held up against the elements—even during the worst power and internet outages resulting from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.

This hurricane, referred to in the headlines as “Superstorm Sandy”, has caused devastating damages for millions of residents with preliminary estimates totaling over $60 billion dollars in property loss and interruption of business. This natural disaster could have meant catastrophic losses to many companies, but some success stories about the reliability of AES-IntelliNet alarm communications technology for the fire and security industries are emerging from the hard hit region.

Eliot Barry, President at B&H Security, indicated, “We were able to sustain our connection during and after Hurricane Sandy with 99% of our customer base and our system never went down. We only lost one radio due to an excessive amount of days without AC power at the location from the storm.” B&H Security attributes this success to the reliability of the AES-IntelliNet network and is a very satisfied customer. B&H Security is located in Union, NJ less than 10 miles from Newark Airport. They have been an authorized AES Dealer since January 2011, offering security and emergency management solutions as well as integrated services.

AES-IntelliNet networks have proven time and again to work through hurricanes and wildfires when traditional emergency communication networks have failed. During the December 2008 ice storm of New England and upstate New York, electricity and cable lines were downed but not AES-IntelliNet systems. Throughout the California wildfires in late 2007 as well as Hurricane Katrina and tropical cyclone Wilma in 2005, the AES-IntelliNet alarm communications system withstood the challenges of these catastrophic events.

The AES-IntelliNet solution eliminates the need for telephone service, cabling, personnel and generators. Radio signals are not affected by floods or wildfires. An AES-IntelliNet network is both easy to install and easy to manage. It offers complete control of services end-to-end while being infinitely scalable. Additionally, it increases revenue while reducing monthly costs—no more worries about technology obsolescence or recurring telecommunication fees.

AES-IntelliNet networks are utilized for a number of diverse alarm, control, and critical event monitoring applications. To learn more about how mesh radio technology works, or for product and pricing information, please visit our website at or contact our Sales department at (800) 237-6387 or