AES-IntelliNet Announces Contract with Per Mar Security Services

Decision inspired by looming AMPS Sunset Clause and VOIP market trends

Peabody, MA June 1, 2007 – AES-IntelliNet is pleased to announce their contract award with Per Mar Security Services headquartered in Davenport, Iowa. Per Mar Security Services provides a complete spectrum of UL Listed, full service, quality security solutions for over 41,000 commercial, institutional and residential accounts. The contract represents the latest of major alarm dealers to utilize the AES-IntelliNet wireless mesh radio alarm communications system for reporting alarms to central stations quickly, reliably and at significantly lower total costs than legacy telephone line and cellular-based alarm communications services. It also gives further testimony that AES-IntelliNet’s mesh communication MultiNet system is a viable solution to the impending AMPS Sunset Clause.

According to Michael L. Duffy, President of Per Mar Security Services, his company was looking toward the future when they chose AES-IntelliNet’s wireless mesh communications network to convert their AMPS sites. "As an independent full service provider of security and fire protection, Per Mar likes to remain on the cutting edge of technology. With voice-over technology becoming the industry standard, it just makes good long-term sense to utilize radios that provide a higher level of security and won’t become obsolete. This 2-way wireless mesh communication network is what I see as the future for our company and the future for the industry", he said.

With over 1,800 AMPS sites to convert, Per Mar Security Services did not waste any time once the decision to go with AES had been made. Mr. Duffy is not looking back, "We are very happy with our decision and working with AES has been great. The AES IntelliNet wireless mesh communication network is everything they promised it would be, the customer service is top rate and all commitments have all been kept."

Tom Kenty, General Manager of AES-IntelliNet is extremely pleased by the Per Mar decision. "I have full confidence in the IntelliNet technology, its reliability and truly believe it’s the best security communications system on the market today. This is a solution, not just for the AMPS issue, but also for the low cost of ownership, the opportunity to increase revenues and profitability by removing dependence and payments to third party service providers. We at AES Corporation are all pleased that Per Mar’s decision was made in our favor and we welcome Per Mar to the AES family", Mr. Kenty said of the award.

About Per Mar Security Services:  Per Mar Security Services is a family owned business and has been serving customers since 1953. Per Mar’s experienced, professional staff is committed to providing the best value security solutions for over 41,000 Commercial, Institutional and Residential customers, From fire life safety systems designed to each customers specific needs, to the consulting, investigative and undercover work required to provide protection using the necessary combination of electronic monitoring systems and security officers, Per Mar offers peace of mind.