AES-IntelliNet Announces Contract with Guardian Alarm of Michigan

Mesh Radio Network Provides Solution to AMPS Sunset Clause

Peabody, MA October 31, 2006  AES-IntelliNet is pleased to announce their contract award with Guardian Alarm Company. Guardian Security Services monitors the alarms of more than 80,000 customers in four states and Canada, making it the 18th largest alarm company in the United States. The contract represents the latest of major alarm dealers to utilize the AES-IntelliNet wireless mesh radio alarm communications system for reporting alarms to central stations quickly, reliably and at significantly lower total costs than legacy telephone line and cellular-based alarm communications services. AES-IntelliNet also addresses the industry’s need to change out an estimated 1 million analog cellular radios currently used to communicate alarm signals.

Since the FCC announced the 02/18/08 deadline for AMPS Sunset Clause, CEO Douglas Pierce decided to begin changing out all the company’s analog mobile phone service sites. In choosing between the AES-IntelliNet mesh radio network and others, Mr. Pierce was swayed by the quality and reliability of the mesh network and the obvious benefit of no longer having to pay a monthly fee for alarm communications services. According to Mr. Pierce, "The 2-way wireless communication is scalable and adapts to any environment. This type of reliability keeps our customers safe and that is our number one priority."

Mr. Pierce is also looking out for the future of his company. With the deadline for changing out all analog security devices being only a little more than 1 year away, he knew he had to do something fast. "After researching the alternatives, I found the AES-IntelliNet wireless mesh radio technology to be the best option. I really like the idea of owning and controlling my own systems from end-to-end. The elimination of the monthly costs improved the return on our investment while increasing our profitability," said Mr. Pierce.

According to Tom Kenty, General Manager of AES-IntelliNet, "This is a true testimony of our ability to serve the needs of both large and small alarm monitoring customers interested in a solution, not just for their needs today, but for their longer term needs to grow their companies into the future. With the clock ticking on the AMPS sunset issue and analog radios needing to be changed out within the next 13 months, AES is the obvious choice because it not only addresses the AMPS issue, but also increases revenue and profitability for Dealers and alarm monitoring companies by removing their dependence and payments to alarm communications service providers."

About Guardian Alarm:  Founded during the depression in 1930 by Milton Pierce, Guardian Alarm Company of Michigan ( is a family owned, customer driven, full service, ongoing commercial alarm monitoring service. In addition, Guardian Alarm Services provide Security Officer Protection, Fire & Life Safety Services, Burglar & Intrusion Alarms, Video Badge/Identification, Crisis Management & Recovery, Closed Circuit Television Surveillance and Biometrics for High Level Access Control. Guardian also operates a fully redundant Underwriters Laboratory and Factory Mutual rated Central Monitoring Center.