AES-IntelliNet 7750-F Series 8 Zone Fire Radio Transceiver

Peabody, MA. April, 2003 – AES-IntelliNet offers the new 7750-F8 Radio Transceiver for fire/burglary alarm monitoring, featuring 8 programmable EOL inputs that are opto-isolated for reliability. It is also compatible with the AES-IntelliTap, which connects to the dialer output of an alarm panel for full data reporting. The 7750-F4x4, with 4 reverse-polarity fire inputs, is also offered.

The 7750-F, like all AES Radio Subscriber Units, is a 2-way data transceiver. Every signal is authenticated and acknowledged to assure that every message gets through. The transceiver is also a repeater: every installed radio unit makes the network “longer and stronger”, adding more routes and range to the system. Systems grow to cover thousands of square miles.

The unit is listed under NFPA 72 standards for Central Station, Proprietary Protective, Remote Station and Local Protective Signaling, suitable for Type 4, 5, 6 and 7 RF Multiplex Service for initiating devices types A, M, WF and SS. The 7750-F and 7700 Network are also listed for up to AA line security. UL listings include standards 864, 1610, 365 and 609, 827, 681, 2050 for both the US and Canada.

The 7750-F8 transceiver is part of the operator-owned AES-IntelliNet radio system. an alternative to telephone lines and “conventional” radio reporting systems. The 2-way alarm reporting system does not require expensive repeater and tower sites. The network is made up of "smart" transceivers that also act as repeaters, relaying messages from other transceivers to the central station. The unique system adjusts and optimizes automatically: each transceiver can select from a virtually unlimited number of paths to send an alarm signal to the central station, providing redundancy and high reliability. For information contact: AES Corporation, 285 Newbury Street, Peabody, Massachusetts 01960, USA, Telephone 800-AES-NETS (800-237-6387), or 978-535-7310, Fax 978-535-7313, email or on the web at