AES Corporation Introduces AES-Network Management System (NMS)

Powerful tool to assure the highest quality of service and profitability from an AES-IntelliNet® network

October 28, 2014 (Peabody, Massachusetts) — AES Corporation, the leading manufacturer of private wireless communications equipment, is pleased to announce the introduction of the new 7275 AES-Network Management System (NMS). NMS is a powerful monitoring and management platform that enables AES-IntelliNet owners and operators to efficiently and profitably expand their wireless networks. The NMS web application provides a real-time visual presentation of the operation and function of an AES-IntelliNet network to assure that critical alarm communication signals are transmitted quickly with high reliability.

The new AES-Network Management System offers many features and benefits including Intelligent Dashboards for monitoring functionality, Visualization to track performance and plan network expansion, and Notification alerts to key personnel of network events. NMS monitors all network subsystems which includes AES-MultiNet receivers, IP Links, Burglary and Fire Subscribers.

“The intelligent real-time AES-Network Management System (NMS) provides a simplistic visual and dashboard representation of the live AES-IntelliNet network,” said Dale Bonifas, Vice President of Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. “The NMS tool enables the opportunity to optimize performance, increase alarm carrying capacity, streamline maintenance, and help us to grow the footprint of our existing network.

Deployment of NMS is simple and fast. An optimized NMS server is pre-configured with the NMS software solution. The NMS server is rack mounted and well suited for alarm central station deployments. The NMS web application can be accessed from any PC on the same IP network as the AES-MultiNet receiver, enabling easy server configuration and overall system operation.

NMS is a fantastic time-saver for me,” said Ian Nelson, Central Station Manager, Safe Systems, Inc. “To have all of that real-time information on a dashboard is brilliant. I also love the IP Link load analysis tool, it is great to know where our network’s capacity is.”

According to Michael Sherman, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer, AES Corporation, “NMS provides our customers with a powerful tool to help plan network growth and to monitor the operation of their networks. While many alarm communication technologies have become obsolete and are being discontinued, AES continues to invest in new products and solutions that assure high performance from AES-IntelliNet network technology. These initiatives support new applications and opportunities for AES-IntelliNet network operators.”

NMS is available now. Please contact your AES Inside Sales Representative to place your order at (800) 237-6387 or

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