AES Corporation Announces Release of New 7706-ULF Integrated Fire Monitoring System

August 10, 2015 (Peabody, Massachusetts) — AES Corporation, the leading manufacturer of private wireless mesh alarm communication networks, is proud to introduce the new AES 7706-ULF Integrated Fire Monitoring System. This exciting new fire product was engineered in close collaboration between two leading companies in the security industry, AES Corporation and Potter Electric Signal Co., LLC. This partnership combines over 40 years of security innovation and over a hundred years of name recognition as the symbol of protection.

The new AES 7706-ULF is UL listed and NFPA compliant, featuring a compact intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) for monitoring wet or dry fire sprinkler systems. The 7706-ULF is an integrated product with dual purpose all housed in a single box enclosure, leveraging AES-IntelliNet® patented mesh radio technology and Potter’s proven FACP. The single point configuration provides faster alarm communication and reporting to the Central Monitoring Station. The AES 7706-ULF is a highly integrated turnkey solution that eliminates the need for telephone lines. Benefits include improved productivity, significantly reduced installation time, lower cost of deployment, and faster AHJ approval process of the fire application which translates into instant revenue for alarm dealers. In turn, the result of this savings can be passed along to end users.

“AES is very pleased to introduce the new 7706-ULF. This solution was designed specifically for small to mid-size fire system and sprinkler monitoring applications in response to input we’ve received from alarm dealers and installers,” said Jim Burditt, Vice President of Sales for The Americas, AES Corporation. “The joint development with AES and Potter offers customers peace of mind knowing they have the highest quality product protecting their most precious assets.”

AES is focused on enhancing and expanding our suite of security solutions. The AES 7706-ULF is a key deliverable to the marketplace bringing added value to our host of products and services in the Fire category. When it comes to preventing loss of life or property, network owners and operators as well as first responders rely on AES global alarm communications technology.

All components of the new AES 7706-ULF Integrated Fire Monitoring System are factory installed in a single FACP enclosure. Components don’t have to be sourced from multiple vendors; AES Corporation is the single point of contact for global service and support.

For pricing and availability, please contact us today at (800) 237-6387 or Visit our newly redesigned website at and see how we make alarm communications faster, scalable bigger and reliable better.

About AES Corporation
Established in 1974, AES Corporation is the leading manufacturer of code compliant wireless alarm communication products and solutions serving commercial security markets and government agencies worldwide. AES-IntelliNet® patented technology will never sunset compared to obsoleting technologies such as cellular and traditional phone lines. AES private mesh radio networks are owner operated and controlled, providing infinite scalability and superior reliability with the fastest transmission speed available. Over a half million AES Smart Subscribers are installed worldwide. AES is the clear choice for life safety and security, protecting people and property for over 40 years.

About Potter Electric Signal Co., LLC
Potter’s dedication to providing customers with the best life safety products on the market drives them to consistently expect and achieve the best. For over 115 years, Potter’s reputation for quality and service has been the catalyst towards its focus for the design, development, and manufacture of the highest quality and most reliable products available today.

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