AT&T Calls for Firm Date to Sunset the PSTN

Remember the process leading up to the decommissioning of the analog U.S. TV broadcasting air interface and a clear transition to high-definition broadcasting? AT&T now has asked the Federal Communications Commission to create an orderly timetable along those general lines for a shutdown of the analog phone system in the United States. AT&T’s argument is that investing in two separate networks, the “dying” public switched telephone network and the coming IP network, is retarding the deployment of the new network.

AT&T also has asked for resolution of a number of long-standing regulatory policies governing universal service, inter-carrier compensation, carrier of last resort and related rules that, although a staple of the analog telephone business, are seen by AT&T and others to be inhibiting investment in the new broadband networks that are the future of the entire wired communications business.

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