Customer Testimonials

Why Ben Wilson adopted radio

Name: Ben Wilson, VP of Operations

Company: Safeguard, Scottsdale, AZ

Tenure in the Security Business: 31 years

When did Safeguard adopt AES-IntelliNet as a solution: 2000

Why Safeguard adopted AES-IntelliNet: AESIntelliNet gave us full control of our own network. We had bad experiences with other technologies where we were at the mercy of other third-party vendors for repairs, interrupted service and more.

AES advantages you see: The mesh technology offers a very strong signal where other technologies may not work. Each panel becomes a repeater versus the signal going from the premise to a central station. Between the incredible signal and the network control, the reliability has been a great benefit for Safeguard.

What customers like most about AES-IntelliNet: They no longer experience the expense and line failures of a telephone system.

After 12 years of distributing AES-IntelliNet, what makes you happiest about that decision today: The fact that I am not burdened with replacing these units because of obsolete product or GSM sunset issues.

What would you do if AES-IntelliNet was taken away from you: I wouldn’t go back to another technology, that’s for sure. I’d stick with radio.

What’s at the top of your security “bucket list”: AES offering smartphone integration.

Favorite movie: Terminator