Case Studies

AES Corporation is a trusted long-term partner serving the needs of American facilities stationed outside the U.S. for over 40 years with the most reliable customer-centric security solutions and technology protection.

AES alarm communication solutions have been implemented at government agencies and monitoring companies across the globe, providing alarm reporting for all types of users. Our customers continually find new ways to use the wireless mesh radio communications to solve their challenges. The proven mesh technology is owner operated and controlled, scalable and highly reliable. Here are some real world examples of how AES-IntelliNet networks make our customers successful:

  • Military Bases – Military bases utilize AES-IntelliNet mesh radio alarm communications in order to eliminate the high cost and maintenance of traditional telephone lines and legacy radio systems while improving the reliability and speed of their alarm communications.
  • Government Entities/Municipalities – Government entities, such as foreign security police departments and fire departments, use AES-IntelliNet patented technology as a means for providing a much more reliable means of alarm communications while also generating revenue for their department to offset the cost of providing a better level of service.
  • Monitoring Alarm Dealers – Authorized AES Dealers including full service monitoring and security companies use AES-IntelliNet mesh radio communications to gain full end-to-end control of their business from installation to monitoring and communications.  This eliminates reliance on third party cellular and telephone public service providers.
  • Contract Central Station (CCS) Dealers – Authorized AES CCS and VAR customers use AES-IntelliNet mesh radio communications in order to provide their installing dealers with the benefits of AES- IntelliNet technology that full service monitoring alarm dealers have. It benefits CCS dealers by allowing them to attract and retain installing dealers to their Contract Central Station.
  • Schools and Universities – Universities and public K-12 school systems utilize AES-IntelliNet mesh radio communications in order to eliminate the cost and maintenance of traditional telephone lines, improve reliability, and increase the speed of their alarm communications. They also avoid having to utilize their school’s IT networks which do not have the ‘uptime’ required for the life safety needs of the university.
  • Public Venues – Public serving entities that provide security for public spaces or public events utilize AES broadband wireless communications technology (not to be confused with AES-IntelliNet technology) to provide wireless transmission of CCTV/Video Cameras to save time without absorbing the cost of digging and trenching for cabling.

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