Door Controls

The AES modular door control system is the standard for the US diplomatic community for more than 20 years.

900 8-Door Control Rack

The AES 900 System is used in public facilities, embassies, prisons and anywhere access is controlled by manned guard stations. It is easily integrated with CCTV, Intrusion and Fire Alarm Systems.


905 3-Door Control Rack

The AES 905 “Rack” is the 3-door alternative to the the larger 8- door 900 standard rack.


910 Emergency Lockup Module

The 910 Emergency Module provides a complete system lock down at the flip of a switch. It is used in the AES 900 Door Control System, using the 900 or 905 Door Control Rack.


940 Door Control Module

The 940 Door Control Module is used in the AES 900 or AES 905 Door Control Rack System.


941 ADA Door Control

The AES 941 Door Control Package is a single, flexible solution that integrates “ADA” automatic door openers into the existing AES 900 Door Control System.


944 Fire Door Control Kit

The 944 system prevents unauthorized use of fire exits by delaying the opening of the fire door, allowing time for a guard to determine if an emergency exits.


950-6 Mini Door Control Console

The 950-6 Mini Door Control Console is a cost-effective and space-efficient solution for smaller facilities.


Door Control Accessories

The 900 Door Control Rack has nine (9) slots for control modules.