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7058E High Res

Residential Alarm Systems Benefit Embassy Personnel and Diplomatic Residences

It is a worriesome time for Americans living abroad, a time of heightened security threats and tight resources. While security at most main office buildings are beefed up, residential security sometimes takes second place creating a dangerous vulnerability. Residential alarm systems go a long way toward creating a comprehensive security program.

When linked by phone or radio to a Central Alarm Monitoring Station (CAMS), the alarm system becomes part of the communications plan, speeding delivery of critical alarm messages to first responders. See more on CAMS in the Alarm Communications section.

For over 40 years, AES has built security systems developed for protecting Americans overseas and designed to survive the environmental factors that take a toll on electronic gear. AES Corporation manufactures two product lines for residential security – the 5100 Series, an advanced system for all applications, and the 1700 Series, which is ideal for smaller houses and apartments.

1700-S Basic Alarm Kit

The beauty of the AES 1700 is its simplicity. It is easy to install, easy to operate, and easy on your budget. For installations where resources are limited and the basic counts, the 1700 Series is the right choice. Choose from 2 kit options, the “Basic” and the “EZ” kit, ideal for apartments.


1700 Series Accessories

Choose from our list of Accessories including Wireless and Batteries for the AES-Security Products line of Alarm Kits that are easy to install, easy to use, and easy on the budget!


1700 Series Comparison Chart

Compare applications and components, choose an alarm kit that’s right for your situation.


1710-EZ Wireless Alarm Kit

The EZ kit is based on the tried and true 1700 design, with the added advantage of wireless capability. The 1710 alarm panel includes a 2 zone receiver, providing wireless coverage for the duress and intrusion functions.


5100-S Basic Alarm Kit

The AES 5100 Alarm Kits provide a full range of options, from LCD digital keypad to a built-in digital dialer. By far, this series offers the most capabilities of the AES alarm systems. Choose from 3 kits: Basic, Standard, or Deluxe.


5100-PKG Standard Alarm Kit

The 5100-PKG Standard Alarm Kit includes enough sensors and accessories for a medium size installation.


5100-OVS Deluxe Alarm Kit

The 5100-OVS Deluxe Alarm Kit is our most complete alarm package.


5100 Series Accessories

Choose from wireless, hardwire sensors, hardware, batteries, and more.


5100 Series Comparison Charts

From small apartments to large homes, single office to larger commercial spaces, choose an alarm kit that’s right for you.